The MCAT and Med School

Taking the MCAT is a necessary thing for most college graduates that are trying to get into medical school and that are starting on the path of becoming a doctor. Taking the MCAT can require a lot of preparation and studying so it is not a test to be taken lightly. In addition to this most med schools require that you pass the MCAT in order to be accepted as well as to have a high GPA. MCAT stands for Medical College Admission Test and it is given by the American Association of Medical Colleges. The test is given only twice a year and the cost for applying to take the test is well over $150 so it is a good decision to do all that you can to pass the test the first time that you take it. The intention of the test is to predict who would do well in medical school if they attended and the scores are used to determine which medical school you will get into. This is also a way that medical schools compare potential attendants.

When applying to med school in an attempt at being a doctor it is important that you know the different types of medical training that you can choose from. Allopathic medical training and medical schools helps a medical student to get an M.D. degree and Osteopathic schools offer D.O. degrees. These two degrees are very similar to each other except for the fact that Osteopathic schools and degrees require courses in Osteopathic and Manipulative Treatment or OMT. These courses help to teach medical students how to heal, relieve pain, and restore the range of motion a patient has. In regards to this field there are over 38,000 D.O. holders in the US of which more than half are in the field of primary care and the other percentage are in a host of other categories of special medicine.