The Cost of Medical School

Being a doctor has many perks including job stability and high rate of pay but the cost of medical school can take the money that you earn from being a doctor right out of your pocket for the first few years of your career. The cost of medical school has skyrocketed in recent years and the numbers are continuing to grow. The average of the first year of tuition for a private med school is well over 24,000 dollars and for a public medical school costs are around half this number. Besides the cost of tuition for med school the cost of medical school involves the cost of books, food, housing, and other expenses that the student incurs in addition to tuition. The average med student comes out of medical school owing well over 75,000 dollars and many incur debt that is much greater than this. There are ways that you can reduce or eliminate this cost such as joining the military. The military pays for eligible people to go to medical school in exchange for time served in the military. The cost of medical school often encourages medical students to go into various subspecialties that are higher paying than primary medical doctors. This has led to a demand for more primary medical doctors. A soon to be practicing doctor must decide what type of medicine they will practice in the 4th year of medical school.

If you are planning on being a doctor someday, in addition to the cost of medical school it is also important to note the rigorous course of study that is involved in this decision. Medical doctors go through about 11 years of training before they can be licensed to practice medicine so it is a good idea to take this into consideration before college. Doctors must also study for long hours during their training periods which can make a person burn out pretty quickly. If you are planning on becoming a doctor make sure you keep in mind all the steps involved and make sure that you are very focused on your goal in order to make it.